A partnership Between Vision New England AND Churches in Your Community

Vision New England is an Association network of more than 1000 ministries that believe God will transform New England with the love of Jesus when we connect with each other and work together. To that end, we connect leaders and communities of believers in targeted events that enable sharing, learning and collaboration to accelerate evangelism.

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Welcome to THRIVE Cape Cod!  


THRIVE Cape Cod is an ongoing collaborative effort of Cape Cod's evangelical churches aimed at encouraging the growth of local churches while helping to meet the needs of the Cape Cod community.


The THRIVE Night of Worship & Conference is an annual gathering of hundreds of people representing over 40 evangelical churches from across Cape Cod, hosted at Cape Cod Church in Falmouth. The THRIVE conference includes worship services, keynote speakers, and breakout sessions focusing on Building Thriving Churches and Building Thriving Communities (including emergent issues that are affecting our local communities like human trafficking, affordable housing, immigration issues, foster care and more).


With this combination of focus on church and community we work toward seeing both places thrive, believing that when the church is healthy it blesses the community it serves. THRIVE is a conversation starter - a place to gather new ideas, to collaborate with others, to pray, to be inspired, and to go out and do more than we ever imagined was possible.

Partner Churches

Note: For more information or to add your church to email info@visionnewengland.org